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10 Amazing Jobs That Use Maths and Physics

Do you tend to think jobs that use Maths and Physics must be boring? Think again – here are 10 amazing jobs that use Maths and Physics – and how! You certainly won’t be bored with one of these jobs!

Poker Player

“It requires a lot of analysis, logical reasoning, thinking clearly and rationally under pressure. Doing physics and maths gave me an incredible amount of training for that.”

Sculptor for Film and TV

“I use Maths in various different ways, from ratios, thicknesses of materials, volumes of a piece, costings to make a piece.”


“I constantly do subconscious mental maths, weighing up percentages, ratios, without explicitly thinking about the numbers that are involved.”


“I believe Physics is the most fundamental of all the sciences – it’s a subject that really tries to get us to understand nature and the universe.”


“You’re always solving problems, just like you are at school but it’s all about solving business-related problems.”

Fashion Data Scientist

“Definitely probabilities – we use a lot of that – probably every day!”

Data Scientist

“My degree was all about finding trends and patterns in stars and now I ‘m not looking at stars, I’m looking at people.”

Blast Engineer

“We have to know quite a lot about how different materials behave, and we also have to know about forces.”

Exploration Safety Officer

“I use Maths day-to-day in terms of preparing statistical reports, and doing some statistical analysis.”

Lean Engineer

“I use things like electronics, electricity, electro-magnetism – so specifically understanding how resistors, capacitors and transistors work.”



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