Formula 100

The search for the UK’s most creative and inventive young minds

What is Formula100?

The nation’s school children are an army of inventors, research says that nine in ten secondary school children class themselves as inventors, coming up with around three ideas every day.

To help nurture these budding inventors, and to show them that innovation is firmly rooted in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths we run the Formula 100 competition which is now in its second year.

Aimed at 11-16 year olds, Formula 100 is a nationwide search to find the UK's most innovative and creative young minds.

The competition aims to show young people that science is fun, relevant and not just for the ultra-bright. With this in mind all we ask them to do is tell us in a 30-60 second video

What would you invent and why?

There are two age categories 11-13 and 14-16 offering fantastic prizes for the winning student and their school. This year we are also bringing Formula 100 to our online community.

Six shortlisted entries will have the opportunity to get their idea showcased in a short film which will be shown on the Your Life You Tube channel.

Viewers of the channel will get to vote for their favourite invention and these votes will count towards the final decision to find a winner for each age category.

For Teachers

With students claiming Maths and Physics lessons are boring and that they have no relevance to the real world, the competition gives teachers the chance to liven up the school day by helping students turn their dream inventions into reality.

To help educators engage students with STEM subjects and STEM careers through the Formula 100 competition we have created curriculum-linked lesson resources focussing on invention and innovation.

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Last Years Winners 2014-’15

The first Formula 100 competition closed in February 2015 and this year’s winners are:

11-13 year olds

Elena Fleming


Radiator which uses the cast-off heat from a fridge


A brand new iPad Air from BT and a trip to the BT Tower and innovation.

Amber Sykes


An umbrella rucksack: all in one, leaves both hands free!


A confectionery factory tour and chocolate making experience from Nestlé

14-16 year olds

Julia Wardley-Kershaw


Plane safety mechanism, which maximizes passenger safety in case of an emergency


A tour of the Typhoon aircraft assembly line, chance to meet BAE Systems’ test pilots, and fly the Typhoon simulator.

Hannah Coombs


Hand-held air purifier, including micro-bacteria and a carbon filter


A diamond pendant from Rio Tinto

17-18 year olds

Charithra Chandran


Hypoglycemic accessories for diabetics


Trip to Antwerp to experience the Rio Tinto diamond- sorting process.

Group Prize

Diana Onwubiko

Invention: Hairbrush that straightens your hair

Laura Simmonds

Invention: Bluetooth bracelet

Naomi Pierce

Invention: Mood pen

India Pace

Invention: Portable hotspot pen

Kayleigh Umfreville

Invention: Treadmill wifi creator


Trip to the Ford Technical Centre, Dunton.

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