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Melt Your Brain: Crazy Or Genius?

“There is no great genius without some touch of madness”, or so said Roman philosopher, Seneca. So how nuts really were our most ingenious pioneers?

Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction – here are our top five crazy-genius moments:

1) When famous poet and writer, Lord Byron discovered his pet dog wasn’t allowed at school, he instead returned with a pet bear that he would walk around on a lead – after checking the rules, of course.

2) Francis Crick helped to discover the structure of DNA – the very essence of what makes us, us. But, the Nobel Prize winner also believed that Aliens deliberately created life on earth, a theory known as “Direct Panspermia”.

3) Einstein had a brain capable of predictive gravitational waves 100 years before they were discovered but not only did he occasionally forgot where he lived, he also refused to ever wear socks…

4) Pythagoras may have come up with the maths we all have to learn for GCSE, but he also founded a bonkers religion forbidding its followers from ever eating beans!

5) Tesla is best known for his work on electrical currents, but did you know that not only did he claim to have made contact with aliens on Venus, he also fell madly in love with a pigeon. Surely that wins him first place…

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