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The Secret Science Of Cycling: Position

As cyclists power through onto stage 16 in the Tour De France, their position on the bike will be all important, which helps with comfort, efficiency and avoiding injury.

We went to the Lea Valley Velodrome to find out more about the importance of position. Here are three interesting facts you should know about cycling positions:

1. On a completely flat oval track, cyclists at 60mph speed have to slow down in order to turn the corners – if they didn’t they would lose grip and career off the track!

2. The banked track plays an important role and pushes against them, providing a centripetal force that helps them turn the corner without losing speed or dying.

3. The optimum, fastest, position to take around the velodrome track is a balance between the shortest distance and gaining the most from the centripetal force in the corners.

Watch Craig Mitch and Scola Dondo use different techniques and battle it out to see who will be announced Your Life’s Velodrome champion.