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If Disney Films were Scientifically Accurate…

Everyone loves Disney films, but they’re not the most realistic films in the world. Just imagine, for a moment though, if they were scientifically accurate…what would actually happen then?!


Elsa uses her powers to freeze the fjord around the city of Arendelle. Now it takes energy to freeze stuff and to freeze something as big as that fjord would take about 6 quadrillion joules of energy – 115 times the energy released in a nuclear bomb!

The energy needed for ‘the act of true love’ (thawing a frozen heart) would be about 4 million joules, about the amount of energy it takes to power a TV for an hour. Also, when Anna does get unfrozen, without the proper cryogenic preparation, her blood would coagulate and her cells would freeze and shatter!

The Little Mermaid

How does Ariel breathe underwater when she doesn’t have gills? Scientists have actually been working on a crystal that can store a room full of oxygen in something the size of a bucket. Ariel would only need a few grains of the stuff to take a breath. So this could happen – in the future!


Could a flying carpet actually fly? Believe it or not, scientists have developed something called an ‘ionocraft’. It uses positive and negative electrodes above and below the craft. The positive electrodes rip electrons out of the air above it, causing leftover positive ions to rush down underneath to the negative electrodes, creating lift.

So, could a scientifically accurate flying carpet work in the same way? The craft would need millions of volts to run, which could be a bit dangerous while hundreds of metres up in the air – so, probably not!

The Princess and The Frog

When Prince Naveen turns from a frog into a prince, the law of conservation of energy says that this new mass must come from somewhere – most likely, the kinetic energy in the air around them – dropping the surrounding temperature to absolute zero and instantly turning the oxygen and nitrogen into liquid. Atmosphere would rush into the vacuum created by the pressure change, causing a blast wave similar to a nuclear weapon.

Tiana and Naveen would either be brutally crushed by the pressure of this blast wave or their internal organs would shatter from ingesting liquid nitrogen. And the heat generated would burn out their eyes and sear their flesh.

So, we’ve established Disney can’t do physics, but they’re no better at biology either! Pinocchio’s nose grows when he fibs. But, biologically-speaking, he would only be able to tell 13 lies before his nose reached 208 metres and he would be decapitated by the force exerted by his head on his neck!

Watch the video to find out more!