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Could ditching the iPhone jack be a good thing?


The news that Apple is ditching the headphone jack has been met with outrage, but could it be a good thing? Your Life looks at 4 things you need to know.

1. Binary
Music is stored on your phone digitally as 1’s and 0’s.

2. Just Jack
Maths & physics is then used to convert these 1’s and 0’s into music. This process is done using something called a digital to audio converter (DAC). The headphone jack uses a DAC within the phone.

3. Lightning
To keep size and costs down, this DAC wont convert the numbers to music perfectly. However, the iPhone 7 has a lighting port, not a headphone jack, so doesn’t require a DAC.

4. Your Headphones do the maths!
Now it is the headphones that do the maths, converting the 1’s and 0’s into music. Cost and size is less of an issue in headphones, so the DAC can be better quality. The better the DAC, the better the music will sound.

But is this worth the cost of ditching your brand new headphones to iPhone compatible ones? Depends how important music is to you, you do the math…

Check out the video for the full story

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