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Dr. Melanie Windridge on the need to encourage more girls to take up science

In a blog on her website, our ambassador Dr. Melanie Windridge makes a great case for why there is a such a challenge in getting women into science roles. In it, responding to a comment on her facebook page sharing an article from Nature, she lays out the key reasons being the lack of role models, the entrenched stereotyping, the underestimating of their abilities.

She makes a passionate case for overcoming the hurdles currently preventing more women from getting into science. She writes:

“I believe we need to help girls to realise that science can be for people like them (not just “strong” women who defy the conventions). The beauty of physics is that it is so broad and so relevant to our lives, even if it sometimes seems quite abstract at school. Physics and maths are tools that can be applied in many areas encompassing varied interests: on the social side, like healthcare and energy; to the adventurous, like glaciology and volcanology; to the abstract, like finding the Higgs boson or dark matter; and in business of all kinds. With such a range of subjects there is clearly room for a variety of characters and skill-sets, so there is no reason for girls to feel that they wouldn’t fit in.”

Here at Your Life we think plasma physicist Melanie is a great role model for other girls getting into science. You can find out more about her and other ambassadors in our ambassador’s profile section