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Draw My Life: Ada Lovelace

So how should we remember Lady Ada Lovelace?

In BBC4’s ‘The True Legacy of Ada Lovelace’ mathematician and presenter, Hannah Fry questioned if Ada Lovelace truly deserved the pedestal, which she has been placed on by modern scientists and mathematicians.

In her short 36 years, Ada Lovelace went from daughter of a poet to the first ever computer programmer – more than 100 years before the first ever computer was made! She was recently voted one of the 50 most inspirational women of all time!

Here are some quick facts about Ada’s life and work:

  • Ada’s father was the poet Lord Byron, who had a reputation for being “mad, bad, and dangerous to know”
  • Rebelling against her dad’s passions, Ada was obsessed instead with Maths
  • Despite a sickly childhood, Ada went on to work on the “Analytical Engine”, a massive machine capable of doing any calculation
  • She was SO good at Maths that her teacher even went on to say her skills were “Beyond the strength of a woman’s physical power of application” -but unlike Ada, he’s been long forgotten!

What she achieved inspired scientists for generations. Ada Lovelace didn’t let the culture of her era slow her down, and you shouldn’t either. You might do something that changes the world if you try really hard and make clever choices.

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