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Edwina Dunn speaks to City A.M.

Your Life Chair, Edwina Dunn, is today featured in London Newspaper, City A.M. as students across the country find out their GCSE results and plan for their future education and employment paths.

In an article titled, GCSE results: Why a laser-like focus on grades is damaging the UK’s economy, Dunn takes a frank look at the current disconnect between the UK’s education and employment landscapes:

“There is now a real disconnect between what children are choosing to study and the jobs they believe they may go into,” Dunn says. “As a result young people are leaving education without the skills needed to go straight into employment. There’s an irony too, because while young people are dropping maths and sciences at A-level, the careers they aspire to (gaming is number one for teenage boys and healthcare is favourite for girls) require Stem subjects as their bedrock.”

This is an issue that Your Life is campaigning passionately about. It’s clear that the future of business is digital, and yet young people are still shunning the crucial stem subjects required to succeed in the modern workplace.

The article can be read in full online on the City A.M. website here.