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Edwina Dunn takes Female Lead in The Sunday Times

Your Life Chair, Edwina Dunn, this week spoke to The Sunday Times about the continuing need to inspire young women into positions of leadership throughout business and the wider world. The dedicated feature, looking at The Female Lead – a campaign founded by the data entrepreneur – also includes commentary from the likes of Melinda Gates on Sheryl Sandberg.

“Someone once told me that if you can imagine your future, you can in part, control it,” said Dunn. “That’s true. If you can imagine yourself in a situation, you can find a path towards it, however convoluted. It’s what sports people call visualisation, and I encouraged it in my children. It’s about being in control of where you’re going and imagining what good feels like. It’s daring to believe.”

The Female Lead is a non-profit organisation dedicated to making women’s stories more visible and offering alternative role models to those ever-present in popular culture. Founded by data pioneer and entrepreneur Edwina Dunn, the project highlights the breadth of female achievement in order to offer inspiration for future generations.

Now in partnership with The Times, this week’s article marks the first in a series of editorials seeking to ask questions such as how do you raise a wonder woman? How do you motivate and equip young girls to be the much needed leaders of tomorrow? How do we nurture their hunger to lead, as well as their self-belief and that all-important spirit of resilience?

The Sunday Times article can be read in full here and for further information on The Female Lead click here.