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Roses are red, violets are blue, when you find a career, will you love that too..? You may have guessed but this week, we’re thinking about love…

Love it or loathe it – Valentine’s Day is nearly here for another year. It may be supposed to be about ‘love’ but there’s no denying the impact it has on the economy.

Valentine’s Day by numbers

  • $1 billion on cards
  • $448 million spent on candy
  • 58 million lbs of chocolate
  • 36 million heart-shaped chocolate boxes
  • 150 million cards and gifts


Did you know

  • Hallmark offers 1,500 different types of Valentine greeting cards
  • The five most common items purchased are chocolates, jewellery, roses, dinner and champagne
  • Men spend twice as much as women on gifts
  • 20% of people buy Valentine gifts for their pets!


What do you love?

You don’t have to join in with the commercialism of Valentine’s Day – just think about what you love instead! What makes your heart beat faster? Most people will say they love their family and friends, but what about yourself and your ambitions for the future? Do you love them too? What job do you want to do – will you love that?

If you can find something you love doing, it won’t feel like work and will make you want to jump out of bed in the morning, raring to go! So what’s your passion then?

Think carefully about what you want to achieve – what you want to do with your life – and then figure out how you can get there…


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