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Galileo Galilei – Draw My Life

Galileo is not just a lyric in Bohemian Rhapsody you know, he is also known as ‘The Father of Modern Science’.

Born on 15 Feb 1564, he went to school at a monastery and then went to university to study medicine. One day, he was watching a lamp swinging and noticed how it swung at the same rate, no matter how wide the arc. It captured his imagination – he wanted to know why it was and how the world worked – he realised that studying Maths was the answer! Watch the video to see Galileo draw his life!

This is what science is…

Galileo developed theories through observation which he tested with experiments, and explained mathematically. Basically, he developed the scientific method that we still use today!

He also developed his own telescope – but whereas everyone else was using theirs to look at things on the earth, he pointed his at the sky. Galileo discovered things that would change his life and the way we view the universe forever:

  • The moon wasn’t flat and smooth at all but was full of craters and mountains
  • There was a planet called Neptune
  • The earth and other planets revolved around the sun!



Now, this latest discovery was controversial stuff – the church were having none of it – they believed the earth was the centre of the universe. Galileo felt he had to stand up for what he believed in and wrote a book explaining his theory that the earth revolves around the sun. But he was convicted of heresy, forced to take back his claims and put under house arrest!

But do you know what he did? Galileo kept on studying and writing – and laying out ground-breaking theories that we now take for granted such as:

  • Objects accelerate at a constant rate
  • Things continue to move at the same speed unless a force acts upon them
  • When a ball is thrown, it follows a curved path.


Fight for what you believe in

Galileo fought for what he believed in – against the odds. Maybe in your future, theories you have never heard of will become common knowledge. And who knows? Maybe you could be the person to discover them. Go for it!