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How does Google Search work?

If you’ve ever wondered how Google Search works, then this video will help to guide you. Though the process has been updated many times to incorporate different components over the years, link-building remains a key aspect. Here, we look at the maths that goes into the link building process.

1. Web of points
The internet can be thought of as a web of points. When you search for something, Google locates all of the website containing those terms.

2. Pageranking
Site linking can still play a huge part in site ranking – if a page is linked to many other high ranking sites, Google will look upon this favourably and give the site a higher ranking. 

3. Enter the Matrix
A matrix is a table of numbers, and Google’s matrix is billions of rows by billions of columns, containing information on how websites are linked to each other.

4. Eigenvector
From this huge matrix an ‘eigenvector’ can be calculated, contributing towards page ranking, and from there results are returned.

5. Maths
So how does Google Search work…? Maths!