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Inspiring you to study Maths & Physics

Maths and Physics can provide us with clues to the secrets of existence and help us to explore and understand the awe-inspiring patterns we observe in nature. If you think that’s a little boring and want to know more about the exciting job opportunities that could be yours if you study Maths and Physics, have a little watch of this very funny video:

So, you see, Maths and Physics can help you to crack the mysteries of the universe or solve real-world problems, like helping cure diseases, fixing climate change, colonising Mars or even building robots that can perform surgery!

No matter what you’re interested in, or inspired by – you can bet your life that Maths and Physics will be a part of it.  Take a look at our page one what A Levels to study if you’re still not sure!

So, study Maths and Physics – whatever inspires you!