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Johnson & Johnson Best School Trips, Ever!

Johnson & Johnson inspires teenagers with careers in STEM with series of Best School Trips, Ever!

The first of eight trips across the country from Johnson & Johnson was held in Blackpool on 10 May 2016.
Johnson & Johnson has partnered with Your Life to deliver a series of ground-breaking Best School Trips, Ever! across the country. The first trip took place on 10th June at DePuy Synthes, part of the Johnson & Johnson family of companies, with the aim of inspiring more young people to study Maths and Physics A Level.

25 students were given a tour of Johnson & Johnson’s facility in Blackpool and the chance to meet inspirational people at the site. The schools represented were: St Georges School, Blackburn Central High School, Ashton Community College and St Mary’s Catholic High School.

The site manufactures bone cement and products for bone reconstructions such as knee replacements. The students were split into groups and given a site tour along with a demonstration of their reconstruction products.

Best School Trip is part of Your Life’s objective to boost the number of students doing Maths and Physics at A-Level by 50 per cent by the end of 2017. The initiative is a key campaign element and involves connecting schools with exciting and dynamic companies to help tackle the current UK STEM skills crisis. The initiative offers students a memorable experience highlighting the wealth of careers available to those with Maths and science skills.

In total Johnson & Johnson will facilitate 200 teenagers across the initiative. The trips will also cover Leeds, Sunbury, High Wycombe, Livingston, Wokingham, Maidenhead and Inverness. Your Life works with specialist MyKindaFuture to deliver the Best School Trip, Ever! initiative who recruit the schools for the project and ensure the project is resource-light for businesses.

According to teacher Jacqeline Long, Careers, Information, Advice and Guidance (CIAG): “It is important that our students attend events like the My Best Trip, Ever! visit to DePuy Synthes. It gives them an opportunity to gain information first hand, rather than from a textbook, what we mean when we talk with them about workplaces and employment. This experience will prove invaluable to them when they come to complete applications for Apprenticeships and Colleges.”

Student, Bhavika Mistry, 15 said: “The school trip to DePuy (Johnson & Johnson) was an inspiring experience. I was able to walk around the facility and witness how bone cement is made. The day was filled with different activities which helped improve my networking skills.”

According to Johnson & Johnson, this programme aligns well with their overall UK CSR strategy. “Our goal is to transform lives in underserved communities through our knowledge and expertise in business and science. We have identified critical touch points at key ages and stages where we can reach out and support young people to further their career”.