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Ambassador, Beth Tweddle Speaks To New!

Your Life Ambassador and Ex-Olympian, Beth Tweddle, 31 spoke to New! magazine earlier this week about her changing body shape and recovering from the injuries, which she received earlier this year on Channel 4 reality show, The Jump.

Tweddle loves working with children and explains you never know what you’re going to get out of them and by inspiring and influencing them, hopefully, they can be pointed in the right direction. Beth Tweddle spoke about why she got involved with Your Life, she said: “It’s getting the message across about education. When you think of maths or physics it’s very blinkered as to what the opportunities are. “

Beth Tweddle explained, it’s tough to talk about her horrific injury and is doing a lot of rehab and physio because of it. Since the accident, Tweddle has been seeing a psychologist and she said: “Everyone has bits they would like to change, but you have to be proud of your body.”