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Life Hack: Microwave

Microwaving is easy…isn’t it? Just press a few buttons, turn a dial round and a few minutes later, ping…dinner is served. Well, it’s not always that simple. Sometimes, in fact all the time, microwaves just don’t seem to heat your food evenly. Often, half of it is much colder than the other half, or more specifically, the centre is cold – but why?

Why is the centre cold?

Well, the way the micro waves in microwaves work is like this:

screenshot-2016-12-01-20-10-10 screenshot-2016-12-01-20-10-28

The wave motion means there is always a gap or ‘node’ in the middle where the wave is stationary, so the food in that area isn’t heated up as much.

How can I make it all hot?

To fix this, make a hole in the middle to spread it away from this central area and then your food will always come out evenly heated! Obviously, this won’t work with liquids and other items, but then you simply need to stir half-way through the cooking time to give the same effect.

Watch this hilarious video of Victorious Sponge trying to use a microwave successfully.

Microwaves ovens are actually a quick and efficient way to heat up your dinner because they channel heat directly to the molecules inside food. In fact, a microwave oven can cook a joint of meat roughly six times faster than a conventional oven! They also save energy because you can cook in them immediately without having to wait for them to heat up first!

So, good luck and happy microwaving!

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