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Your Life partners with Getty and Washington STEM to redefine STEM images

Your Life launches an international competition to redefine STEM images in partnership with Getty Images, a world leader in visual communication and Washington STEM, a US non-profit advancing excellence, equity, and innovation in STEM education.

The ground-breaking competition calls on photographers from around the world to submit contemporary STEM images which portray people of all ages and backgrounds. Despite the workplace becoming increasingly technological and digital, there is a significant drop-off of students who focus on STEM subjects when they reach high school age in the USA and A Levels in the UK.  Females, especially, lose interest – in the UK only 1 in 31 young women will study Physics and Maths at A Level.

Live now, the competition, which closes on the 28th October, asks for photographers to submit imagery which depicts:

  • Girls and boys playing with robots, drones and with technology; performing tasks involving STEM, doing Maths, learning shapes and numbers.
  • Students of any gender learning about coding, programming, science, technology, robotics, math, physics, engineering, astronomy at all levels of schooling, from elementary through college.
  • Women and men of all races and ages in STEM professions including programming, app building, coding, UX design, Virtual Reality, chemistry, robotics & AI, math, electronics, engineering, software and hardware development.

“At Getty Images, we know that one of the most powerful ways to change perception is to change the images that surround us,” said Pamela Grossman, Director Visual Trends at Getty Images. “It is clear there is a great need for more realistic imagery that is ambitious in its depiction of diverse groups of people working in or engaging with STEM subjects. With this competition in partnership with Your Life and Washington STEM, we hope to draw attention to this important issue and further develop the imagery which will inspire the STEM leaders of tomorrow.”

Your Life’s goal is to increase the numbers of young people studying Maths and Physics post-16, while Washington STEM works to increase STEM access, interest, and success for all students. With teenagers on both sides of the Atlantic having returned to school for the autumn term the need to engage with them is more crucial than ever. The competition was launched after both organisations came to Getty Images with the same initiative, highlighting the worldwide prevalence of this challenge.

Edwina Dunn, Chair of Your Life and one of the UK’s most successful entrepreneurs said: “Perception is the real challenge in the world of STEM with outdated stereotypes of Bunsen burners and lab coats driving girls in particular away from STEM. We live in a visual age where what we see defines our views of the world. That is why this initiative is so exciting and we are delighted to be launching this with a respected organisation like Washington STEM and Getty Images, who are known as the world’s foremost visual trend setters.”

Patrick D’Amelio, CEO of Washington STEM commented: “So many girls and young women do not see themselves reflected in STEM careers. This campaign is a powerful step forward to allow young women to expand their vision of what is possible and all people to understand and respect the contributions women have made and continue to make to STEM fields.”

The judges for the competition are:

  • Pam Grossman Director of Visual Trends, Getty Images
  • Patrick D’Amelio, CEO of Washington STEM
  • Edwina Dunn, Chair of Your Life

The winner will be announced in October with prizes to be awarded. In addition, imagery submitted into the competition may be selected for inclusion in Getty Images’ creative imagery library on