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Your Life team up with CENTURY to provide videos as mini-courses


Your Life is linking up with revolutionary educational platform CENTURY Tech as another way to provide our content assisting teenagers in the development of their studies. CENTURY Tech was founded by social impact entrepreneur, Priya Lakhani OBE, and is an award winning online learning platform that uses artificial intelligence and data science to improve education for students and teachers.

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With more than a million views for our engaging videos around the benefits of studying STEM, these have been embedded into mini-courses for students to study on the CENTURY platform. CENTURY’s ground-breaking platform recommends learning topics for each individual student in order to address any gaps in knowledge or skills. Teachers also have access to shared content and real-time data insights into their students’ learning.

Popular Your Life content strands now appearing on the CENTURY platform include:

  • Draw My Life, bringing inspiring figures from science to life in an animated format, including Elon Musk, Marie Curie and Einstein
  • The Science of Everyday Things, revealing the Maths and Science behind things you engage with in everyday life, including iPhones, electric guitars, apps and Pokemon Go


According to Toby Hicks, Communications Director, Your Life: “Your Life is an entrepreneurial approach to solving the STEM skills crisis in the country, using a digital approach to reach our audience at scale. Century Tech are a great fit for our content with their work in trying to use modern technology to help make a difference in the education sector. Our content provides the context for why people should learn. Our new app will further help to connect the subjects of today with the jobs of tomorrow.”

According to Katie Baugh, Head of Partnerships, Century Tech: “On CENTURY, students access learning content and artificially intelligent algorithms plot the most effective route through the material. CENTURY provides courses mapped to the National Curriculum and Your Life create videos that will be used as learning material throughout these courses. The videos provided by Your Life have been embedded into captivating mini-courses for extracurricular and lifelong learning and are also dotted throughout CENTURY’s GCSE Maths and Physics courses. CENTURY Tech and Your Life are continuing to work together to create exciting courses to inspire students to study STEM subjects by providing engaging material and a personalised route through their learning.”