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Your Life’s Best School Trip Visits Arcadis


Last Friday teens gathered at Kings Cross for their trip to global design, engineering, and management consulting company, Arcadis.

Students from Hampstead School, St Paul’s Way Trust School, and Acland Burghley getting involved in group exercises, involving teamwork, communication, forming a presentation, problem-solving, time management, and leadership.

Arcadis place a big emphasis on getting involved with schools, partly to help children with their development and to give something back. Lauren Heath, 22 is a project manager at Arcadis and studied Maths, Biology, Psychology and Geography at A Level. She said: “Without choosing STEM subjects at A Level, it is difficult to tap into a career that teens may wish to in the future. It’s important that we encourage girls as well as boys to go into engineering, as there are fewer girls in the industry.”

Rebecca Duncan is the Head of Progression and Independent Learning at Hampstead School in Camden and explains that children are not aware of what goes on in companies. Best School Trips (BST) means students have a hook so they can link the information they learn in school to the work that they could be doing in the future.

Students building bridges from paper and paper clips.

Rebecca Duncan said: “It is heightening their employability skills and it’s showing them that there is life after school and an office isn’t the same as a head of years office. It is showing them different places and what they need to do to get there.” She said: “Students who attend BST don’t realise Maths and Physics are available to them and STEM subjects are for everybody and these are the students that need to be given a little push”.

Mahyar Gharib, 13 is a student at Hampstead School in Camden and found BST very inspiring. He said: “My favourite part of today has been making new friends and finding new ideas. I am a massive fan of astronomy and I am confident I will follow this career.”

Maths and Physics are very important subjects and they can be used to help other people in the future. By having knowledge about maths and physics, our jobs could one day help others, from curing diseases to new technological inventions.

BSTs will continue after summer when the new school year begins in September, kicking off with students visiting the National Physical Laboratory on 14 September 2016.