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Maths of Minecraft: Farming

To survive in Minecraft you will need to get to grips with farming and food production as well as being a bit handy with a pick axe.

Here are 7 facts to help you farm successfully:

  • The easiest way to start farming is by cultivating wheat. Cutting grass has a 10% chance of yielding seeds, these odds don’t sound great but grass is everywhere so it won’t take long to build up a decent supply.
  • Once grown and harvested, three units of wheat can be crafted into a loaf of bread, which will restore five hunger points.
  • Plant seeds by tilling the dirt next to a pond or lake with a hoe.
  • A single square water hole will happily provide a nine-by-nine grid with the required moisture – worth knowing before you make endless trips to and from your farm with a bucket.
  • Bread is fine for a while but eventually you will need a more substantial meal, and for that you will need to breed animals.
  • Chicken, or mutton from sheep are worth six hunger points each.
  • The best meat is steak or pork chops – each is worth eight hunger points.

Our advice:

If you’re thinking of starting your own petting zoo/butchers, cows are the way to go.

Pigs need carrots to get them in the mood, and carrots can be hard to come by early on in the game.

Cows are easy to breed – just hit a pair of them with wheat and they’ll be making baby cows quicker than you can say “why does hitting two cows with wheat make them randy?”

Once you’ve been playing for a while you might want to consider creating a fully automated chicken farm. You’ll need to use some of your rarer resources to get up and running but you’ll never have to farm again.