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‘Mathsiety’ & The Next Generation

Your Life have created a significant media story today with the revelation that 60% of parents can’t help their children with GCSE Maths revision. The survey, conducted by One Poll, found a shocking 18% of adults, equating to 10 million people, admitting they avoided doing any form of maths due to a lack of confidence. We are dubbing this phenomenon #mathsiety.

As our chair Edwina Dunn notes, it is due to a failure to embrace numeracy being ‘hardwired’ into our culture. But this attitude is potentially very dangerous for the future life chances of Generation Z. This is a generation who will need to embrace numeracy to succeed in the modern tech- focused economy. As a nation we are faced with a skills gap in STEM of 40,000 jobs per year and growing.

Your Life is dedicated to boosting the uptake of Maths and Physics A Level and we know parents are the biggest influence on the subjects teenagers choose. Therefore we are urging the nation to embrace numeracy and we have today published eight top tips that will help anyone boost their maths ability.

This wonderful video by our events partner, Inspiring the Future, shows how opinions can be formed early in life, so it’s up to all of us to challenge a culture where it’s considered okay to be bad at maths. After all it’s ‘their lives’ that will be affected.