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Melt Your Brain: Lightning Shot Out Her Bum!

Melt Your Brain is a series of videos where we reveal facts that may well make your brain feel like it is melting!

In ‘Lightning Shot Out Her Bum!’ we explain how one time, a lady got lightning come out of her bumhole! In Croatia, in 2006, Natasha Timarovic was cleaning her teeth with her mouth to the tap, when the building she was in got struck by lightning, sending a violent electrical current into her mouth – but, as she was wearing rubber-soled shoes, the lightning bolt was unable to earth through her feet so it took the next easiest route – and came out her anus!


How does lightning happen?

For lightning to occur, heavier negatively charged particles sink to the bottom of a cloud – when the positive and negative charges between the earth and the cloud grow large enough, a giant spark occurs between the two. This is like a static electricity spark but much bigger!


Amazing lightning facts

  • The average lightning flash contains enough energy to power a 100W lightbulb for over three months!
  • Lightning’s heat exceeds 50,000 degrees F which is three times hotter than the surface of the sun!
  • The speed of lightning is 90,000 miles per second or 100 million feet per second!
  • In the time it takes Usain Bolt to run the 100m , a bolt of lightning would have travelled round the earth 34 times!
  • The chances of being struck by lightning in the UK are only about 1 in 3 million, compared to the chances of winning the lottery which are about 1 in 14 million!


Stranger than fiction…

In 2010, a British 13 year old found Friday 13th to be especially unlucky. He was among a huge crowd of people watching an airshow when he was struck by lightning at precisely 13:13pm. Luckily, the teenager only suffered minor burns and made a full recovery. Only a coincidence though – believe it or not!

Between 1942 and 1977, US park ranger, Roy Sullivan defied all odds, by getting hit by lightning on 7 different occasions. He holds the Guinness World Record for the person most hit by lightning and is known as the human lightning rod!

Watch the video to find out more!