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Maths of Minecraft – Torches

If you think the monsters in Minecraft only come out at night to kill you then you’re wrong!

The monsters like to appear wherever the light level in the game is seven or lower and that’s why you’ll find them in dark caves regardless of the time of day. The light level from the sunlight is 15 and this is also the reason why you would not see monsters above ground when the sun is out.

Here are 5 top tips to keep the monsters away!

  •  Placing torches at regular intervals in the game will stop you from bumping into those awful looking creatures.
  •  It also works diagonally, but not necessarily how you would expect. Diagonals effectively reduce by TWO light levels for each block you move away from the torches.
  •  If you created a square using torches, you would have a problem in the middle, but placing a torch in the centre of the square fixes this problem.
  •  Baddies can chase you from 16 blocks away or 40 blocks away for zombies! This means you’ll need your grid of torches to extend 40 blocks further than the perimeter of your homestead.
  • Placing torches diagonally works in 3-dimensions too so, if your base is lower or higher than the surrounding area, you’ll need to take that into account.

Our advice:

Stick with the layout we showed you for a decent, and simple, solution.