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How do MRI machines work?

MRI machines allow doctors to identify illnesses and disease, helping in the prevention of millions of potential illnesses developing. But how do they work? Your Life show you how with the 7 top things you need to know…

1. One Big Magnet
MRI is basically one big magnet, and sees your body as a collection of water molecules.

2. Spin
Hydrogen in water has a property called spin. Spin can either be ‘Up’ or ‘Down’. This spin aligns with the magnetic field.

3. Energy Absorption 
When a rapidly changing magnetic field is applied, the hydrogen absorbs this energy, thus changing the spin direction.

4. Energy Release
The hydrogen prefers to be aligned with the magnetic field, so when the changing field is switched off, it reverts to its more comfortable spin state. This change gives off the excess energy that was previously absorbed.

5. Energy Map
This energy is detected and a map of the water in your body can be formed.

6. Water problems
Problems in your body often cause changes in water distribution so an MRI scan helps to spot these injuries and illnesses.

7. Physics
So how does an MRI work..? Physics.

Check out the video for the full picture.

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