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Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go has taken the world by storm in the last week, with millions of people worldwide hoping to catch ‘em all!

The game has become one of the most downloaded of all time, with footage of players chasing rare Pokémon in central park going viral.

But how do maths and physics play into you finding and capturing that elusive Charizard?

Pokémon Go uses GPS data to track where you are and tell if you’re nearby any Pokémon and what type; water types can be found near lakes and streams, whilst fairy types are best caught at night!

A wild Mewtwo appears! But before you can catch it the game needs to know which way you’re facing and the angle of your phone, it does this using something called a gyroscope.

A tiny gyroscope in your phone uses gravity to determine the orientation of your phone.

Using vector mathematics and physics the game can tell if you’re facing a Pokémon and once you are, its up to you to trap it into a poké ball!

Watch our video to see how maths and physics are really used in your quest to be the next Ash or Misty and become the very best Pokémon trainer!

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