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Puzzled Kangaroo: Are You Smarter Than Average?

Here’s a problem that will pick your brains! Figure out how many jumps it takes for a kangaroo to get up a hill.


A kangaroo is stuck at the bottom of a muddy hill that is 15 feet high


He can jump up to 4 feet


But he slides back two feet each time he takes a leap


How many jumps will get him to the top of the hill?

If you think the answer is 8 jumps…


You’re wrong!

By trying to take the shortcut, you forget that the kangaroo actually jumps further than 2 feet at first, but slips backwards. Think about the kangaroo after his sixth jump. He has reached 12 feet.

A 2 foot increase for the next jump puts him at 14 feet


But, he doesn’t only go 2 feet forwards, he goes 4 feet at first and then would slip back – straight from 12 feet to 16 feet.




By this time, on his seventh jump, the kangaroo has reached the top of the hill.

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