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The Secret Science Of Cycling: Gearing Up For The Challenge

What are the secrets to cycling? The Tour de France continues and Sky’s Chris Froome, who is currently in the yellow jersey chasing his third title, is maintaining a weekend of great British sporting success. So how is he doing it? Maybe it’s all down to the gears.

Here are three interesting facts you should know about cycling gears:

1. Bike gears release the power from the pedals to a series of differently sized disk.

2. The high geared bike moves the power from large to small disks – the smaller disk has to move faster to keep up

3. A low geared bike moves the power in the other direction from small to large disks – the large disk moves slowly which means you won’t go as far

Watch Craig Mitch and Scola Dondo use different techniques and battle it out to see who will be announced Your Life’s Velodrome champion.