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The Secret Science of Ballet – Piqué Perfection

With a host of celebrities struggling with two left feet on Strictly Come Dancing, Your Life has decided to find out how it’s really done and how physics can help. Stars of Dance Mums, Tayluer Amos and Sam Dennis, go head-to-head in our ballet challenge. We’ll see how science helps achieve amazing physical feats…

1. The challenge
Our dancers are going to compete to see who can perform the best piqué turn whilst also balancing a book on their heads.

2. Piqué
To perform a piqué turn, our dancer must maintain a fixed line through their body. The stronger this line, the stronger the balance.

3. En pointe
The smaller a dancer’s contact area on the floor, the harder it is to maintain their centre of gravity. This makes en pointe dancing much harder.

4. Centre of gravity
To control their centre gravity and maintain poise, they must have full control over their body. Being small helps, as it is easier to control the distribution of weight

Check out the video to see them compete and find out who wins!