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The Secret Science Of Cycling: Clothes

Yesterday proud Britain celebrated its first three-time winner of Tour de France, Chris Froome, who crossed the finish line in yellow, but can what you wear affect your chances of winning??

 We went to the Lea Valley Velodrome to find out more about the importance of clothing. Here are three interesting facts you should know about cycling positions:

1. On a flat road, aerodynamic drag is the greatest barrier to a cyclist’s speed, accounting for 70 to 90 per cent of the resistance felt when pedaling

2. The human body is not very streamlined so clothing can make a big difference in reducing air resistance.

3. Tight-fitting synthetic clothing helps by reducing the surface area of the body and allowing the air to pass through the body with less resistance or ‘friction’. Tests show it can affect your performance by up to 30 per cent! 

Watch Craig Mitch and Scola Dondo use different techniques and battle it out to see who will be announced Your Life’s Velodrome champion.