STEM Skills Gap

The real reasons A Level students are steering clear of Science and Maths

The UK is faced with a looming crisis. In the future, business will be increasingly dependent on digital knowledge and numerical analytics, which puts a high premium on Maths and Physics skills in young adults.

At the same time, the UK is falling behind other countries in not producing enough of these graduates. Here lies the 'STEM skills gap'.

The STEM Shortfall


STEM graduates are needed in the UK every year


STEM related jobs are being left vacant

Low Levels

of skills are the greatest threat to UK competitiveness in the next five years

The Detailed Picture

Young people are being put off Maths and Science in their droves during secondary school according to the Tough Choices report developed by A. T. Kearney in partnership with the Your Life campaign and CBI. The “Tough Choices” report reveals the lack of knowledge amongst teachers and parents about job prospects for Maths and Science subjects unintentionally results in young people not understanding the skills needed for success at work.


of young people claim to choose A Levels based on future career aspirations

...but only


have had any formal careers guidance about them

The issues raised by the Tough Choices report create a ‘perfect storm’, meaning levels of engagement with vital STEM skills decline with every year of secondary education. We need to take action to solve this crisis.

Tough Choices: The real reasons A Level students are steering clear of science and Maths

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