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Three, Two, One … BUNGEE!

We have been testing Jana Vlogs and Lucy Moon’s knowledge in this week’s Quizfinity video. This week’s video investigates gravity! Watch the video and see if you did any better than Jana and Lucy.

Question 2 asks the YouTubers to simulate a mic drop on Pluto. From a one metre distance a mic drop would take 0.45 seconds on Earth, 0.74 seconds on Mars, 0.73 seconds on Mercury and 1.7 seconds on Pluto. This is due to the lower gravitational force the further fro the Sun you travel (mic drop on the Sun would only take 0.09 seconds).

Jana and Lucy were surprised that there is a Supermassive Black Hole at the centre of our galaxy but did you know almost every galaxy discovered has a black hole at the centre.  Find out more about black holes here.

Did you know that although gravity is the weakest force (by a fator of 10^40) no-one has been able to invent technology to stop its pull!

Watch the video to find out who has the best gravity knowledge and who had to do the forfeit!