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#ThrowbackThursday: Phoenix rises to Mars

Today marks the 9th anniversary of NASA launching Phoenix – a robotic spacecraft on a space exploration mission to Mars.

Here are a 7 cool facts about the mission:

  • The cost of the total mission was $386 million, which is equivalent to £294 million – that’s a lot of money!
  •  Mission scientists used instruments from Phoenix to search for environments suitable for life on Mars and to research the history of water there.
  • It was the first mission to Mars led by a public university in NASA history.
  • Phoenix was NASA’s sixth successful landing out of seven failed attempts.
  • The robotic spacecraft completed its mission in August 2008 – a year after its launched.
  • After a number of unsuccessful attempts to contact Phoenix, NASA declared it to be dead.
  • The program completed all planned science experiments and observations and was considered to be a success.

Your Life spoke to Ben Boyes, who worked on the ExoMars Rover Project which will make its way across the surface of Mars!

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