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What Ella Did Next…the next step with a science A Level

What I did next…

In a new series Your Life speaks to students who recently studied STEM subjects at A Level to find out what they did next…

Here we speak to student Ella Cattle, aged 21:   

I did triple science at GCSE which I loved because it allowed me to do a mixture of all the sciences and left me in a position when it came to doing A Levels where I felt I could continue any of the sciences if I wanted to. In the end I ended up doing Maths, Biology and English at A Level (with an AS in Italian). Not that many girls do two STEM A levels, perhaps because there seems to be a big divide between “science” and “arts” subjects, but I found combining both areas meant I could do both. I loved Biology and English but I probably find Maths the most useful now and am so glad I did it, even though it pains me to admit that my maths teacher was right!

After my A Levels I went to University and am currently studying Human Sciences, which is a mixture of traditional sciences (think genetics, evolution, physiology) and social sciences (anthropology, demography, sociology). This is in many ways my ideal course because it brings together the hard sciences that I enjoyed at A Level with a more creative side. It’s easy to see how I use Maths and Biology in the more “sciencey” side of my course, but I was surprised how much I used it when doing sociology and demography – it’s really useful to have a grasp of how the numbers are being used because it means you can tell when statistics are a bit dodgy, or exactly how much of an effect something is having.

Next I’m hoping to do a masters in either Science Communication or Production, or work on nature documentaries, so hopefully my biology and maths skills will come in handy there for researching and technology if I go down that route! Find out more about the great jobs you can do with a foundation of Maths and Physics.