Why study A Level Maths?

Maths. What is it good for? As well as being a fascinating subject in itself that will help you unlock the mysteries of science, technology and statistics, studying mathematics offers higher earning potential, exciting career opportunities and a grounding in important life skills.

So, if you want a rewarding career with a great salary and better prospects at Universities, look no further than Maths at A Level. Still not convinced? Here’s why you should study A Level Maths.

Big earnings!

Girl at desk writing: why study a level mathsWhatever your career ideas, earning potential is always worth considering. Did you know that passing a STEM subject at A Level (science, technology, engineering or maths) can give you a salary advantage of 15% over those who don’t? So, your A level job prospects are boosted already, whether or not you decide to do a degree.

If you do take it further and study a STEM subject at university, you could earn up to £250,000 more than the average graduate, over the course of your career. You do the math for a more prosperous future. (But don’t forget – you’ll probably need A Level Maths to do this – see below).

Gateway to the future

Picking your A Level subjects is an exciting time. You get to focus in depth on courses that really interest you, while ditching the duller subjects forever! But while it’s really tempting to throw all those old textbooks onto the fire and follow your dreams, it’s important to make an informed decision about your A Level subjects – because they really do shape the course of your whole future. And without an A Level in Maths, some of those dreams might not even get off the ground.

Maths and physics infographic: why study a level maths?Did you know? If you want to study a STEM subject at university, you’ll usually need to have an A Level in Maths under your belt. Further Maths on top will put you at an advantage (and it’ll improve your maths skills too).

If you’re still not sure how your life will map out after A Levels, that’s OK – many people aren’t! But if you’re wondering why you should choose to study A Level Maths, remember that it is a great way to keep your future open.

It’s known as a ‘facilitating subject’ by universities, meaning that it paves the way for a plethora of degree courses. And if you love maths but don’t want to abandon your love of English or Music or History, there’s no need – you can study Mathematics at many universities as a joint honours degree with whatever else takes your fancy.

But maths is for nerds

What type of person studies A Level Maths? If you think it’s confined to geeky types chained to their calculators, think again. Today, many of the most exciting new careers require a foundation in mathematics. Game design, app development, astronomy – some of the most stimulating job roles are filled with mathematics specialists, and you can bet that future developments in technology will open up occupations that haven’t even been invented yet.

Take a look at some of the cool jobs you could end up with by studying A Level Maths. Some of them may surprise you.

Careers outside the lab

Teenagers attending an event: why study a level maths?If you’re worried that studying mathematics will leave you stuck in a windowless lab instead of out engaging in the real world, there’s really no cause for concern. Yes, a Maths A Level will always be a gateway to desk-based jobs like accountancy and academia (both exciting fields in themselves), but there’s so much more potential than that. In today’s tech-focused and ever-changing world, maths will arm you with the basic skills you need to engage with IT, science, engineering and data analysis.

With your Maths A Level, you could land a career in:

Transferable skills

Whatever your future plans, studying A Level Maths will stretch your mind and endow you with abilities that stay with you for life. Whether you’re deciphering statistics or managing a budget, your mathematical background will help you to think logically, analyse data and express yourself clearly. These are fantastically valuable, transferrable skills which are highly prized by employers across every field, as well as giving you a boost on a personal level.

So if you’re unsure what A Levels to take, in the end whether you’re going into careers using maths or a job that’s seemingly unrelated, you’ll always appreciate choosing maths as part of your A Level career path. Why study A Level Maths? It’s your life. Make it count.